Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peado-killer dad found Dead

From: NPE
The body of Drasius Kedys, the man wanted for shooting dead a judge and his female companion who helped abuse his four year-old daughter, has been found approximately 30 km from his home town of Kaunas, Lithuania.

Kedys hit the headlines in October last year after taking justice into his own hands and was believed to have been hiding from the Lithuanian law in Poland.

But this week family members positively identified the body, eradicating any suspicion that he may still be alive. The circumstances surrounding his death however, are still not known.

According to the District Prosecutor’s office in Lithuania, a post-mortem examination has still to be conducted but there is little doubt that the body is that of Kedys.

Fearing foul play, the family have also requested that the body is examined by an independent forensic expert from Warsaw.

The ‘Death Wish Dad’ became something of an icon in his home country, and indeed around the world, for shooting dead judge Jonas Furmanavicius, 47, and Violeta Naruseviciene, 29, after learning from his daughter that she had been abused.

His pleas for justice fell on deaf ears. After sending out around 200 letters and DVD discs featuring his daughter to politicians, members of the European Parliament and the national media, he decided to act on his own.

Police later found the bodies of Furmanavicius and Naruseviciene shot to pieces and a gun registered to Kedys lying nearby.

Despite an international warrant for his arrest, Poles and Lithuanians living in Poland had offered him shelter which officials believe he had accepted.

Exactly how Kedys ended up dead so close to his home remains a mystery.