Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marek gets two year ban

From: BPE
Kornelia Marek, the Olympic skier caught using proscribed substances, was handed a two year ban by the Polish Skiing Union (PZN) and ejected from the team. In a rather vague conclusion to their initial report, the PZN disciplinary committee stated that she, “acted alone or with others,” in taking the banned performance enhancing drug EPO.

In a brief press conference given after the ruling Marek, looking more relieved than contrite, stated, “I apologise with all my heart that my affair has cast a shadow over all the medal performances of the team.” Asked if she felt guilty, she replied, “Guilty of recklessness and trusting too much.” She also said she had no intention of giving up sport as, “It’s my whole life,” and announced her intention to prepare for the Sochi Olympics in four years’ time.