Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paedophile handed in by crooks

From: NPE
A collection of underage pornographic images were discovered when thieves broke into a man’s house in Bogatynia, Lower Silesia.

During the break-in, Arkadiusz R., 44, had his basement raided and his vast collection of illegal images were found.

“The thieves broke into his basement and the suspect was found under rather unusual circumstances.” says Pawel Petrykowskie of the Lower Silesia police.

And unusual circumstances they certainly were. Instead of making off with their intended collection of loot, the robbers stumbled across the disturbing images before passing the information onto the relevant authorities.

“In the apartment, the suspect had secured more than a dozen albums, all of which contained pornographic material involving minors under the age of 15 years.”

“To make matter worse, in addition to all of this, we found a number of pictures on his mobile phone.”

The suspect’s computer and telephone are now in the possession of the police experts and examinations are being carried out on all of the CDs and DVDs.

Arkadiusz R. has since been taken into police custody where he is now being questioned. For the possession of child pornography, he faces a potential five years behind bars.