Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The biggest Polish plantation of marijuana has been discovered

From: News-Poland
Instead of a dry-cleaner’s, the biggest plantation of cannabis in Poland. In a small village Radzwice (near Kórnik, in the Wielkopolska region), there were about ten thousands plants, occupying an area of nearly one thousand square metres.

The plantation had its own escape routes, leading to the forest nearby. It was also well prepared to a wholesale production of drugs. There were even special hidden trapdoors leading to a basement, where cultivation halls were located. The biggest plants were up to one and a half metre long.

However, the above mentioned escape routes did not work out. The police caught the whole band. Moreover, on the crime scene 150 kilograms of dried plants and 40 kilograms of a ready-to-sale marijuana were found. The value of the discovered drugs was estimated to be about one million zlotys.

All of the arrested are well known to the local police. They had been sentenced for battery and frauds, among others. For production illegal drugs on a big scale, they can be imprisoned for at least three years.