Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A man of 40 names disguised for a woman

From: News-Poland
He put a lot of effort into not getting caught. A couple of years ago, he travelled through Europe dressed up as a woman. He adopted 40 different identities. But his freedom has finally come to an end. Mariusz W. “Bronek,” one of the most wanted Polish criminals, got caught in Barcelona. According to the prosecution, he is responsible for murders, batteries and robberies.

“Mariusz W. was being tracked down for six years with four warrants of arrest, three European Warrants of Arrest, and a couple of orders of his conveyance. He is accused of murders, mugging, body damage, and thefts,” informed Agnieszka Hamelusz from the Press Department of the Police Headquarters.

She added that the apprehension was possible only thanks to the cooperation between the Polish and Spanish police. “Bronek” was caught in Barcelona. The pinpointing of his whereabouts and the arresting procedure posed serious difficulties, since he was using the identities of 40 different people. The Police from Gdansk even managed to establish that in the years 2001/2002 he was travelling through Europe pretending to be a woman,” added Hamelusz.