Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hotline for black students in Poland

From: The News
Another racist attack on a black student in Warsaw has spurred his university into action.

Collegium Civitas, which has about 50 African students, joined hands with the Different Africa Foundation to create a support line for black students with funds obtained from the EU and the labor ministry.

Africans in Warsaw, as well as other cities, say they hear racist insults on a daily basis and attacks on them are not isolated incidents.

When in trouble, they can now phone the hotline, which is operated in three languages: English, French and Portuguese by Africans who have lived in Warsaw for years, know the city and its people.

They will offer help not only in crisis situations, but are also ready to give advice on where to buy African food in Warsaw or where to go. A website was also created with Collegium Civitas and Warsaw University students as moderators to enable Africans and Poles to exchange views.

Last May, Collegium Civitas appealed to the Warsaw city mayor to launch an anti-racist campaign and asked the municipal police department to start an English language help line for African students.