Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Government lawyers nearly unbeatable

From: WBJ
The average Polish citizen or firm does not stand a chance when taking the Polish government to court, reports Puls Biznesu.

In 2009, the Treasure won proceedings worth zl.1.7 billion.

It only had to pay zl.80 million in damages. Those seeking compensation from the government are having a tough time beating its lawyers.

There was almost a precedent-setting case last week, where MCI Management was awarded zl.38.5 million for the demise of its JTT Computer, which was fueled by bad moves from the Treasury.

That could have been a break, but the judgment was ruled invalid.

Last year, there were 618 lawsuits against the Treasury, of which the Attorney General's office won 541, or 86.5 percent.