Sunday, March 28, 2010

Polish cops arrest Lodz file sharer

From: p2pnet
Polish police, working for ZPAV, “observed increased activity by a user of a Polish-based cyberlocker” in Lodz, says Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony Music’s IFPI.

Hmmmm. Wonder who enlightened them?

ZPAV (Zwiazek Producentow Audio-Video) is a kind of Polish BREIN comprising the local arm of the IFPI and FOTA (equivalent to the MPAA in Poland).

The economic crime department of the regional police headquarters in Lodz “detained the suspect as he was uploading a new film”, says the IFPI, stating the alleged file sharer has now been “charged with illegally distributing music and film online”.

Using the tired, and hoary, entertainment cartel formula that files shared equal sales lost, and making statements based on unsupported guesswork, “It is estimated that the uploaded files were downloaded by over 400,000 internet users and the initial losses incurred by the music and film industries are estimated to be 7 million PLN (€ 1.8 m)”, says the IFPI.

The tame and lame mainstream media parrot every word from the cartels just as though it’s reliable information from credible sources.