Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Brother Hospital

From: NPE
Security cameras in Warsaw’s Wolski hospital are broadcasting images of treatment areas in breach of privacy laws and patients’ rights, it was revealed this week. Hospital administrators are adamant that the cameras are there for the security of patients and staff and see no problem. “Patients are observed to ensure their safety. They are areas where the hospital can’t guarantee constant supervision by nurses,” Jolanta Borowiecka-Tenus, the hospital’s Deputy Director explained to reporters.

However not all patients are happy with the situation, and neither is the Patient Ombudsman. “This is a blatant breach of patient rights, breaking the right to privacy and dignity. CCTV can be installed, but in public areas, not where treatment is given.” Krystyna Barbara Kozlowska told reporters, adding that the practices could see the hospital fined up to PLN 500,000