Monday, May 10, 2010

40 years illegal immigrant netted in Krakow

From: The News
A routine check by border guards from the Kraków-Balice airport discovered a Japanese man who has been illegally living in Poland for 40 years.

Officers were astounded when they asked for the ID of an elderly Japanese shopper during their check carried out near one of Kraków’s shopping centres. The man explained that he had come to Poland for the first time when he was 19. He studied Polish in Lódz for a year then enrolled to read economy in Kraków, where he then stayed for 23 years.

In that time he periodically travelled to Japan, returning to Kraków, where he finally settled in 2004.

By then all of his documents, passport included, were no longer valid. He told officers that he made a living from teaching Japanese. The man is now 59 and possibly for years he has been on the missing list in Japan.

He will now have to leave Poland in the nearest few days.