Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Polish drunk driving

From: NPE
An HGV collided head-on with a coach in Hajdaszek, south of Kielce, this Wednesday morning, killing two and injuring twenty-one. The incident occurred when the HGV driver lost control of his vehicle and veered into the wrong lane.

An ambulance medic at the scene told a reporter from Gazeta Kielce, “It was a massacre. The blue bus was full of people… We had to assess the wounded to make sure those in most need went first. Unfortunately the driver and one passenger were already dead. The most seriously injured passenger was flown by helicopter to hospital in Kielce.”

Kids? What kids?

A drunk driver was so desperate to escape police this Wednesday evening, not far from Pinczow, he sped off, overturned the car, crawled out of it and ran, leaving his two children behind, sitting in the wreckage. The six-year-old boy and two and a half-year-old girl were unharmed in the incident, despite not wearing seatbelts. The driver was soon apprehended and shown to have 0.2% alcohol in his blood