Monday, September 28, 2009

Old man kills wife and son during court session

From: The News
A seventy-seven year old man has shot his wife and son dead and set their house near Warsaw on fire.

The shooting started at 11.30 CET, Tuesday, in a house in Celestynow near Warsaw. Two people were killed and several, including a judge, were injured. At the time of the shooting a special court session was being held in the house to establish who had the rights to the house.

A judge, solicitor, clerk of the court and family members were present at the trial.

The killer, with chest and arm shot wounds, was transported to a hospital in Warsaw.

The man set the house on fire in order to remove evidence. The arson as he had gathered cloths and petrol in one of the rooms. Fire reached the attic but was later extinguished.

Police are interrogating witnesses.