Friday, November 14, 2008

Janusz Wojcik bailed at half million zloty

The former national football coach detained two week ago on corruption charges has been set bail at 500,000 zloty.

According to the decision of the District Court in Wroclaw, Janusz W, the former football national team coach Janusz W. will not be put under arrest, but bail has been raised from 150.000 to 500.000 zloty.

The Public Prosecutor's Office made 11 charges against Janusz W. who is accused of having fixed eight matches when he was coaching Swit Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki in the season 2003/2004.

He is charged of bribing officials to the tune of 500.000 zloty and could face five years in prison.

Although now the former coach can stay at large, he is banned from his working in football and cannot leave Poland. By 21 November the bail of 500.000 zloty must be raised.

According to the court, Janusz W. pleaded innocent but he declared his willingness to cooperate.

The Wroclaw prosecutor's office, south west Poland which launched an investigation into match-fixing in Poland in 2005, had called for 3-months custody over the former trainer in order to prevent him from prevaricating. He was said to act together with Ryszard F., alias Fryzjer – “the hairdresser” - accused of being connected with an ongoing football corruption investigation. So far, the police have detained about 160 people coaches, referees and players on a charge of fixing matches in the top domestic leagues.