Sunday, October 05, 2008

Polish man bites ear!

A construction worker has bitten off the ear of a man from a rival firm in Krakow, south Poland.

Those two construction gangs were renovating one of the buildings of a housing estate in Nowa Huta, near Krakow. The builders started quarrelling which brigade is going to start their job first. Two men, from opposite brigades, started fighting with one of them losing his ear.

The injured man landed up in hospital where doctors fought to sew back on the severed ear, but to no avail.

The attacker, after being pursued by men from the rival construction gang, handed himself into the police.

He has been charged for causing permanent injury and is facing up to five years in prison.

  • Note: As of the moment of this publishing, the Polish Police and Administrative Corruption page is already two weeks backlogged with Polish scandal stories. As this obviously creates a problem with timeliness and relevance, if the pace of available Polish scandals keeps up its current pace there might be the possibility of publish two stories a day instead of one. We'll see how it goes.