Saturday, September 27, 2008

Polish mother sold baby for two thousand zlotys

Police have arrested a couple who bought a new-born baby from a 34 year old woman in Mogilno, north Poland for 2,000 zlotys.

"The child has been born at September and shortly after that given to the young couple who reside in England" – said police spokesman Jaroslaw Bucholc Mogilno.

After receiving information about the transaction police took in the mother of the child for further investigation. The woman said that the deal had been made in early June, three months before the birth.

Police commenced a rapid search and informed border guards in case the couple tried to escape to England.

The child is now under the doctors' protection.

The mother of the the new-born has already five children and the police suspect that it might have been poverty that pushed her to sell the newborn.

Human trafficking is a crime for which one can face from three years in person. Illegal abortion for profit is punishable by five years imprisonment.