Friday, September 19, 2008

Boruc in trouble - again

Glasgow Celtic and Poland international Artur Boruc is being investigated after making an allegedly obscene gesture to fans of fans of arch-rivals Glasgow Rangers.

The problems seem to pile up for Poland's best goalkeeper Artur Boruc. The Celtic Glasgow star was recently suspended from the Polish national team for unacceptable behaviour. Now, the Scottish Football Association wants a word with him on the obscene gesture he made to the Glasgow Rangers fans during a match on 31 August.

The player has a history of trying to anger the fans of the opposing team.

He is to answer before the association on 16 September after he was photographed during a match showing the middle finger to the Rangers fans. If he is considered guilty, he faces a fine or suspension.

In the past, Boruc repeatedly stressed his Catholic faith and devotion to Pope John Paul II to play on the nerves of the traditionally Protestant Rangers fans.

In August, after a World Cup elimination match against Ukraine, Boruc drank alcohol against the orders of the coach, for which he was suspended for an indefinite period.