Saturday, September 13, 2008

Prime Minister ready to testify on CIA prisons

Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Friday that he is ready to testify on alleged CIA prisons in Poland.

"If there is a need, if my testimony will be in any way important, then certainly yes," Donald Tusk told journalists when asked whether he planned to testify.

Last month, the State Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw started an investigation into whether the Polish government agreed to establish the alleged secret CIA prisons in Poland.

According to a private Polish radio station, Radio ZET, a report confirming the existence of the CIA prisons in Poland, written by Roman Giertych, then head of a committee looking into the activities of Poland's secret services, was shown to top ministers in the previous government led by the Law and Justice party, such as the then justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro, state prosecutor Janusz Kaczmarek and special services coordinator Zbigniew Wasserman.

Another radio station, RMF FM, reported on Thursday that in 2006 a secret meeting on the CIA prisons took place in Wasserman's office. According to the radio, the then head of the Foreign Intelligence Agency, Zbigniew Nowek, brought a set of information available on the CIA prisons in Poland and was seen by all those present.

Friday's Gazeta Wyborcza daily reported that Roman Giertych informed Donald Tusk just after he became prime minister late last year about the note prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Agency concerning the prisons.

Donald Tusk said that the information sent to him by Giertych was vague and denied being informed about the note.

Since the allegations of the existence of CIA prisons was made back in late 2005 by the NGO Human Rights Watch and reported in the Washington Post, government ministers past and present - denied any knowledge of a prison based at the Szymon airport not far from the capital city.