Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cannabis farm raided in Lodz

Police successfully shut down a cannabis plantation in Laska, near the industrial city of Lodz on Monday morning. The police seized more than 500 bushes of Indian Cannabis and arrested three men for the cultivation of marijuana.

Tomasz Kowalczyk, spokesperson for the Laska police, stated that “The plantation was made up of 500 independent, mature bushes. Each of them were well-tended.”

Police had been observing the location for some time, when three men, between the ages 19 and 25, arrived and provided an opportunity to move in. The police raided and caught the men just as they were bringing one of the largest plants to their vehicle.

All of the plants were confiscated and taken to a police storehouse while their net worth is being calculated.

The minimum sentence for the illegal growth of marijuana is three years in prison, though the maximum sentence is eight years, depending upon the size of the crop.