Thursday, September 11, 2008

Warsaw indifferent to family violence, says poll

There is nothing improper in smacking children or beating up an unfaithful wife in the eyes of a majority of Varsovians, reveals a shocking new opinion poll.

Family violence does exist, but it is not of direct concern to Warsaw dwellers, say 88 per cent of respondents to an opinion poll conducted among the residents of the Polish capital by the Social Communication Centre.

According to the poll’s results, one in two Varsovians approves of beating up an unfaithful wife and 36 per cent believe that smacking children is a justifiable and forgivable educational method. Shockingly, a majority of them do not see violence as “evil”.

Only one in nine would actively respond to an act of violence by calling the police, one in four would find it hard to know what to do in the face of family violence among their neighbours, while 14 per cent admit they would do nothing.

The pollster also informs that only 15 per cent of the respondents believe that their actions could have an impact on improving the situation of family violence victims.

In June, the Warsaw Town Hall appointed a team of experts on family violence who will cooperate with Warsaw police, prosecutors, courts and NGOs to gather information about acts of family violence among the people of Warsaw.