Monday, July 07, 2008

Hash smugglers in Poland indicted

The Prosecutor's Office in Gdansk has forwarded an indictment against four men charged with trafficking 1.5 tonnes of hash from Morocco to Poland.

The prosecutor's office is accusing the four traffickers, two dual citizens of Germany and Poland and two Polish citizens, of organizing the transfer of 1.5 tonnes of hashish in the spring of last year.

The drugs were found in a freight of tiles shipped from Casablanca to Gdynia, northern Poland, from where it was to be transported to the Netherlands via Germany.

The traffickers thought they managed to avoid customs control after bribing a customs officer with 10,000 euros. However, the customs officer was cooperating, secretly, with the Polish police.

The traffickers are now facing up to 15 years in prison.

The Polish customs services estimates the worth of the drugs at 44 million zlotys, or approximately 12 million euros.