Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tribunal rules WSI report a violation of human rights

The Constitutional Tribunal ruled on Friday night that the publication of the report on verification of the Military Intelligence Services (WSI) prepared by Antoni Macierewicz in 2007 violated the standards of a democratic state and fundamental human rights
The Tribunal declared that people who were mentioned in the report as perpetrators or people who helped in the criminal activities of WSI had no chance of explaining themselves before the publication.

There was no court control over the publication that declared numerous people as guilty who were not even able to check the sources of such accusations. The verdict will have an impact on the annex to the report, which was also prepared by Macierewicz and delivered to President Lech Kaczynski several months ago.

The Tribunal ruled that the annex cannot be published until the bill on the report contains relevant guarantees concerning human rights.