Tuesday, July 01, 2008

CIA agents admit their jails were in Poland for three years

American CIA agents told the New York Times that the most important CIA jails were located in Poland for about three years. The country was chosen as it had no cultural or religious links with Al Qaeda, which limited the risk of infiltration or attack from its supporters. "What is even more important, Polish agents were willing to cooperate," said a CIA agent.

"This news does not surprise me, as this confirms what we were saying for a long time," said Tom Malinowski of Human Rights Watch. He added that he did not understand why Polish authorities denied the truth, if it was going to be revealed sooner or later.

"Since President Bush admitted that such centers existed, there is no need to deny it. Until the authorities confirm it, we shall not know the truth," said former head of the National Security Agency

Polish gov't denies NY Times report on CIA prisons

In a related story, After the New York Times once again reported on the alleged existence of secret prisons of CIA located in Poland, where Al-Qaeda terrorists were to be tortured, Defense Minister Bogdan Klich said that this was an attempt to discredit Poland in the eyes of the international public opinion.

"It is an attempt to question the position of Poland as a country where international standards are being violated," said the Minister.

Moreover, the Presidential Palace issued a communique declaring, "The President possesses no information which would indicate that there are secret CIA prisons, where terrorists would be allegedly held," said Minister Michal Kaminski.

The Defense Minister also criticized the report which stated that Poland wanted to cooperate with the US administration and even could have been regarded as the '51st state'.