Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Polish rapist loses UK lawyer

Andrew Langdon QC, representing Jakub Tomczak sentenced to double-life imprisonment for raping an inhabitant of Exeter, UK, has resigned from his post.

Andrew Langdon, who is among the top 400 lawyers in the UK, sent a letter to the Long Martin prison, where Tomczak is currently serving his sentence, in which he communicated to his client that he sees no chance of a successful appeal against the sentence, reports Polish TV station TVN.

Jakub Tomczak’s family is now looking for another lawyer, so far.

The Pole was declared guilty of raping and assaulting 49-year old Jane H., and sentenced to double life-imprisonment by an Exeter court 28 January. Crucial to the verdict were CCTV recordings and DNA samples.

The rape occurred on the night of 22 June 2006. Jakub T. was extradited to Great Britain last autumn after a European Arrest Warrant was issued after him.