Friday, March 14, 2008

This is one lesson they won't forget

A pair of bank robbers burst into tears and collapsed choking in Poland after they tried to use pepper spray on a cashier in front of an air conditioning unit.

The wind blew the spray back over the pair, who staggered from the bank in the south-western city of Wroclaw empty handed.

"They told the cashier to open the till and then tried to put her out of action to grab the cash - but the pepper sprayed back in their faces because of the blast of warm air from the heater," said a local police spokesperson.

"They only managed to escape because they had a pal outside in a getaway car."

Security cameras showed the crooks were wearing wooly black balaclavas, although Polish media speculated that if they strike again - they might well have switched to gas masks.

Police are still looking for the crooks.