Thursday, March 13, 2008

Notorious Polish sex predator accused of raping 11-year-old

An 11-year old girl from Wagrowiec, west-central Poland, was most probably raped by a 62-year old acquaintance of her grandmother, say police.

The girl's grandmother met the men through an ad in the dating section of a local newspaper. They have been exchanging letters since October. The man frequently assured the elderly lady of his profound religiosity.

He first visited the girl's grandmother in March and was entirely trusted by all the family members from the minute he arrived.

Last Friday the man offered to take the girl on a trip around Wagrowiec but instead took her to Zabrze, southern Poland, his hometown, where he most likely raped her in a hotel room.

After a couple of hours, alarmed by their daughter's prolonging absence, the parents notified the police. It turned out that the man already had a criminal record. He served time for sex-related crimes and lawless imprisonment. He was only released from prison 18 February.

The police found the man in a hotel in Zabrze, around 24 hours after he left Wagrowiec. The man was arrested, but pleaded not guilty. His plea is, however, contradicted by the results of a medical examination of the girl and her testimony.