Saturday, March 01, 2008

Harassment at the German-Polish border

Andrzej Krasnicki reports that motorists have been harassed on both sides of the German-Polish border in recent days. It started with the German police imposing fines against Poles for below-standard first aid boxes. The Polish police then punished German drivers for not having fire extinguishers, which are required in Poland.

Says Krasnicki, "Today, if residents of Swinoujscie want to visit Germany, they take along a well-equipped German first-aid kit. These are selling like hot cakes in the markets on the border, with a price tag of 6 euros. On the other side, German Federal Police inspect the contents with embarrassing precision.

Before he knows it, the Polish driver is drowning in fines of 10 to 50 euros, for failing to have thermo foil, for having bandage scissors of the wrong size, or for a missing first-aid box, which is not required in Poland."