Monday, February 25, 2008

Poles tries to burn himself to death

A man who set himself on fire outside the district court in Slupsk, northwestern Poland on Monday is fighting for his life.

After a long and strenuous fight for the man's life, the doctors say his condition is serious, but stable. Due to extensive burns, Jaroslaw M. is currently in a drug-induced coma.

A decision is to be taken later today whether should be transported to a medical facility specializing in treating burns in Gryfice, north-western Poland.

The event occurred yesterday around 2 PM outside the building of the district court in Slupsk. The man doused his body with a highly inflammable liquid, and then set himself on fire.

His reasons for doing so remain unknown.

He was not involved in any legal proceedings in the court that day. Krzysztof Ciemnoczolowski, head of the district court in Slupsk, confirmed that the man was involved in a child support case three years ago. Police are investigating the matter.