Saturday, February 16, 2008

Anti Polish website created in Iceland

A 14-year old boy from Iceland has created an Association Against Poles on the internet.

He calls his fellow countrymen to get rid of Poles while there is still time.

Three days after creating the site, the boy had received the support of 700 other teenagers. The messages in their posts is clear: kick Poles out of Iceland.

The case has received massive media coverage in Reykjavik and is now sparkling heated debates all over Iceland. Some posts on the web site’s forum are so offensive that the police intend to start an investigation.

"A xenophobic mood is on the rise in Iceland. The number of immigrants is skyrocketing, which makes native inhabitants uneasy and confused", says Einar Skulason, head of the Intercultural Centre in Reykjavik, quoted in Rzeczpospolita.

"They vent their frustration on Poles, as they are the most numerous immigrant group. Furthermore, a negative image of Poles is boosted by the media, which highlight crimes committed by Poles,” says Skulason.

Currently, the population of Iceland is just over 300,000.