Thursday, February 07, 2008

Situation in Polish secret services ‘disastrous’, according to former military counterintelligence chief

Antoni Macierewicz, Law and Justice party member of Polish parliament, and a former head of country’s military counterintelligence services, told Polish Radio 3 that the changes implemented by the new government are an act of ‘mad revenge’ on his party.

According to Macierewicz, the style of appointing new heads of Poland’s secret services by the ruling Civic Platform (PO) and the quality of the new appointees ‘smacks of vengeance’, in particular in the military counterintelligence, which is being "brutally liquidated, destroyed and its staff persecuted". Macierewicz also told the radio that the current head of the Intelligence Agency, Andrzej Ananicz, was guilty of attempts to strengthen Russian presence in Poland in 1992.

The former head of Poland’s military counterintelligence accused Ananicz of having Poland ratify a treaty that guaranteed Russia its presence in former Russian companies located in Poland.

Antoni Macierewicz added that under the Polish constitution, Prime Minister Donald Tusk was directly responsible for all of the changes made in the secret services and said that the changes should "be placed under particular scrutiny", Polish Radio 3 notes.