Monday, January 28, 2008

Polish police announce ‘Old Fork’ campaign

The Polish police headquarters will be littered with old aluminium cutlery in February. Police officers will be sending old forks to their Warsaw HQs in protest against their “starvation salaries”.

The initiative has been advertised on the Polish Police Internet Forum, according to TVN24, and aiming to bring to police management’s attention the fact that the overwhelming majority of the police employees in Poland are dissatisfied with their pay.

A mass protest is set to begin on February 5.

The “Old Fork” campaign is also a sign of the police officers’ disappointment at the government’s procrastination in delivering on the previously promised pay rises.

The police Internet users’ protest has not been co-ordinated with the police trade unions, as they are “useless” in the opinion of the majority, according to TVN24.

The police force are one of many public employees who are pressing for higher wages: these groups include medical staff, teachers, customs officials, prosecutors and even judges.