Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A POLISH woman accused of murdering her partner at a Dorset caravan park concocted a string of lies to cover up her crime, a court was told.

Stewart Jones, prosecuting, told Winchester Crown Court that police and an ambulance were called to the caravan park on October 22, 2006.

Mr Swiader had been found in the kitchen of the caravan where he and Palkowska were living. He had fatal stab wounds to the upper body.

Mr Jones said the couple's friends Boleslaw Jurek Morman and Maruisz Pawlak, who also lived on the site, last saw Mr Swiader at their caravan around 11pm on October 21 after he had been quarrelling with Palkowska.

He said: "They tried to persuade Dariusz not to go back to his caravan and Ewa, but to stop with them for the night and try to sort it out in the morning. Tragically, of course, he didn't."

Mr Jones said when the men called round at Mr Swiader and Palkowska's caravan the next morning she addressed them from the bedroom window. She refused to let them in and told them to go away as she and Mr Swiader were making up.

When Palkowska later visited Mr Morman and Mr Pawlak's caravan, they said she ate a bowl of soup and spoke about sending money back home before admitting 'I killed Dariusz'.

The men then went round to the caravan, where they discovered Mr Swiader 'in a pool of his own blood'. A pathologist's report later suggested he had been dead since the early hours of the morning.

When the police and ambulance crew arrived Mr Jones said Palkowska 'played dead', acting as if unconscious and claimed she had taken an overdose. When interviewed Palkowska said a gang of three or four men, to whom her partner was in debt, had come round to the caravan at some time that night.

She claimed the men had attacked Mr Swiader, also forcing her to handle the knife, and then doped her so she passed out.

Mr Jones dismissed this as a 'fiction' that Palkowska had created.

He said that, although no fingerprints could be clearly identified on the knife, Mr Swiader's blood was found on a pair of Palkowska's jogging bottoms and her blood-stained footprint was discovered on a carpet in the caravan. The trial continues.