Friday, February 29, 2008

Polish Police Use Jamming Kit to Block Protesters Phones

The polish newspaper, Dziennik has reported that the local police used jamming equipment to block the mobile phones belonging to nurses who had occupied the Prime Minister's Chancellory during last summer protesting for higher wages.

It's reported that the equipment used was so strong that it affected phones belonging to bystanders and residents within a mile of the building. Polkomtel, owner of the Plus GSM network, told the Electionic Communication Office (UKE) that several thousand of its customers had problems with making connections. After three hours, the company cancelled its complaint. Quite why the security services did not simply ask the operators to suspend the local base station has not been clarified.

Last June, around 1,000 nurses protested outside the Chancellory in makeshift camps in protest over wages, which average US$500 per month. National wages tend to average US$900 per month in the country. Four nurses broke into the building and occupied Prime Minister's Chancellery for two weeks.