Monday, March 24, 2008

50 die on Polish roads over Easter

Fifty people died and 472 were injured in road accidents in Poland during Easter holiday period..

The police recorded 345 accidents and detained 1332 drunk drivers. Driving conditions this year were difficult due to snow and sleet, which fell in many parts of Poland, though the police say that the figures for this year, though bad, are not an increase on 2007.

33 road accident casualties in Poland

From Good Friday to Easter Sunday, 33 people died in 200 road collisions around Poland; 370 were injured.

Around a thousand were detained for drink driving.

According to the data of the Police headquarters, during this year's Easter there were slightly more collisions than a year ago.

Bad weather conditions, in many regions snow is still falling, might make these predictably grim statistics even higher.

Ten thousand police officers are patrolling Polish roads, checking whether the drivers are not under the influence of alcohol, but also the technical state of the vehicles.