Saturday, December 22, 2007

Polish Rapist Who Escaped Iceland Caught

A Polish citizen, who is suspected of having raped a woman in Selfoss, south Iceland, and breached a travel ban issued upon him by leaving the country on December 5, was caught on the border between Poland and Germany by the Polish police on Monday.

The Icelandic state requested the suspect be extradited to Iceland, but Polish authorities have denied their request, based upon Polish law stating that their own citizens cannot be extradited to other countries, Morgunbladid reports.

The suspect was able to leave Iceland because the police in Selfoss failed to notify the police in Sudurnes, where Keflav?k International Airport is located, that the man was not permitted to travel out of the country.

Police in Selfoss believe another Polish citizen, also suspected of having participated in the rape, has left Iceland as well. They were both reported wanted in the Schengen area.