Monday, December 10, 2007

Man brutally killed by Polish thugs for refusing to share cigarettes

Polish police have arrested two young inhabitants of Bialystok, north-east Poland, for brutally killing a 27-year old man waiting for his bus.

The man was stabbed over 20 times. Most probably because he refused to share his cigarettes.

The man was found on Sunday night in the city centre. He had flesh wounds on his back. Despite extensive resuscitation performed by the paramedics, the man died.

The police have established that while on the bus, the man and his 19-year old friend got into a fight with two rowdy-behaving men, after he refused to share his cigarettes with them. Things only got owrse when the four of them got off the bus. The 19-year managed to escape, but his older friend was kicked and hit and then stabbed with a switchblade.

The police first detained only one of the suspects, a 19-year old, on Sunday night. With the help of a police dog, they located his flat, where blood-stained clothes, the mobile phone of the murdered man and a switchblade, probably the one used in the fight, were found. The youngster was drunk.

The other culprit, a 27-year old inhabitant of Bialystok, was detained the following day. Both men will be hearing charges soon.

Drug smugglers held

In a related story, Polish police have cracked a gang smuggling the "date rape" drug ketamine from India to Poland.

Three suspects, including two Polish women both aged 25 and a 30-year-old Spanish man, were taken into custody in Kielce, central Poland. Police discovered more than 8kg of ketamine in the Kielce home of one of the female suspects.