Sunday, November 25, 2007

Polish football corruption scandal continues

The corruption scandal in Polish football is far from over. The prosecutor’s office in Wroclaw is investigating how exactly Cracovia, football club from Krakow, got into the first league in the 2003/04 season. As it has recently turned out, at least six results were rigged in the process.

“Jacek P. set us up with someone in one of Krakow’s restaurant. We were approached by two or three beefy men who informed us they were only interested in Cracovia winning and nothing else”, testified one of the results-rigging referees, quoted by “Dziennik”.

The chief “rigger” was the international referee from Krakow, Jacek P., who also headed the security company employed at Cracovia’s stadium. Police have arrestd him in March this year, and he was subsequently presented with over 10 charges by the prosecutor’s office, some of which are not related with the Cracovia case, but Jacek P.’s role as an observer.