Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First found guilty in syringe scandal

A chief of the Public Prosecutions Office in Radom and his deputy have lost their posts as a consequence of the case of dirty syringes which broke out in a Radom hospital in December 2006, according to Dziennik.
The Ministry of Justice has dismissed them due to their negligence in conducting the legal action after a notification by the hospital.
Investigating officers would also like to bring about consequences for the behaviour of the Radom hospital management, the syringe distributor and importer. In the officers’ opinion, they may all be accused of negligence, because they did not notify the Registration Office (URPL) about the contamination of syringes in time, despite being aware of this fact. First action was taken only after reports in the newspaper at the end of July 2007, while the contamination was noticed in the Radom hospital in December 2006.
It is estimated that hospitals were supplied with more than 153,000 dirty syringes, a majority of which have been used.