Thursday, September 28, 2006

PM Kaczyński: 'opposition leads Poland into a political crisis'





Prime minister Jarosław Kaczyński has accused the opposition of seeking to lead the country into a political crisis. In an address to the nation, 24 hours after his close aide was shown on a secret video discussing with an opposition MP what she wanted in return for switching sides, Mr Kaczynski rejected the accusations of corruption. He said his party, the conservative Law and Justice, is in talks about support for the government, and one of those talks was used as a provocation’. He added that the changes which his party wants to introduce bother those ‘who form informal and formal grey networks and who, up to now, have acted outside any legal and constitutional order’. The prime minister stressed his government would not step down.

The Speaker of Parliament has rejected the opposition’s call for an extraordinary session of the House to discuss the current crisis. After a meeting of parliamentary leaders, he announced that the next session will be held as scheduled, that is on October 10. A motion by the liberal Civic Platform for Parliament to dissolve itself will be put to a vote, but it is unlikely to be supported by Law and Justice.