Sunday, August 13, 2006

American stabs Pole in road rage incident

A Pole is in hospital with serious knife wounds after a 56 year old American stabbed him during a road rage incident in Warsaw today. According to police, the American driver claims that the Pole tried to push his vehicle off the road and ‘sounded his horn at him’. The two men got out of their cars and started to quarrel.

The American pulled out a knife and stabbed the Pole three times in the chest. A passing police car saw the incident and officers arrested the US citizen. The Pole, in serious condition, was taken to hospital to undergo surgery. The American is being detained and being interrogated by the police.
  • Note: The auther of this blog, with or without better information, believes the American's story. and though this sort of violence should never be condoned, I would bet the farm that the Pole did exactly what the driver said he did in order to provoke him. If anyone can get the name of the American, this page would love as much information as possible.