Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brazil arrests Polish pedophile priest

From: Press TV
In the latest episode of a sexual abuse scandal surrounding the Roman Catholic Church, Brazil has put a Polish Catholic priest on trial.

Alexandre Abrahao Teixeira who is overseeing the case described the priest, identified only by his initials as MMS, as "a person compulsively attached to sex with adolescents," AFP reported on Saturday.

His home was like "a sort of erotic dungeon where these youths were thrown into orgies," said the judge.

According to Teixeira the priest used his spiritual authority to force teenagers into having sex with him.

If convicted, the priest who ran a church in the west of Rio de Janeiro will face 10 years imprisonment.

The emergence of pedophile priests has sent tremors across the Roman Catholic Church in recent years. Even Pope Benedict XVI has been implicated in the scandal.

He has been accused of trying to cover up such abuses when he was an Archbishop.