Thursday, October 22, 2009

Polish nun accused of beating children in care home

Police have launched a probe into abuse allegations against Fransiscan Sisters at the special needs centre for children in Studzieniczna, in north eastern Poland.

Footage recorded by a tourist this summer, being shown on a private TV news channel, shows nuns committing acts of violence against the children in care, such as beating, and pulling hair.

The video shows an incident where one of the children took off her shoes, and, in consequence, a nun accompanying the girl picked them up, shouted and then began to beat her and tug at her hair.

The facility is home to 50 children suffering from physical and mental disabilities and disorders, including the Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism.

The local parson, Father Zygmunt Kopiczko, who visits the facility on a daily basis, has denied these allegations of abuse, claiming he would not instruct the nuns on codes of conduct. He says that violence was not being shown against the child, merely disciplinary action taken against an unruly child.