Sunday, October 18, 2009

Polish football fans call for PZPN red card

From: The News.PL
Over 100,000 Polish football fans have already registered at a website aimed at expressing dissatisfaction with the Polish Football Association (PZPN).

The web site at was set up a month ago and immediately became a hit with fans calling for the abolishment of Poland’s football governing body.

At the time of writing 112,607 have registered onto the web site, which says: “Wroclaw is a city that, every few days, is host to referees, officials, PZPN, players, coaches, observers, who do not choose to go there voluntarily.”

Wroclaw is the centre of an investigation into widespread corruption within the Polish game, which has seen the arrest of up to 200 people.

Last week, the web site called for a boycott of Saturday’s march between the Czech Republic and Poland - a World Cup qualifying match that was made all but meaningless, as Poland were already illuminated from reaching the finals in South Africa next year after a poor run of games in Group 3. Poland lost the match, 0 - 2.

Janusz Atlas of the PZPN reportedly referred to the fans who tried to organize the boycott as “terrorists and hooligans”.

The fans say, however, that it is time someone blew the final whistle on PZPN.