Sunday, January 11, 2009

Most-wanted Pole arrested in Krakow

The border patrol has arrested Poland’s most wanted man at Krakow-Balice airport.

He is being sought after by 45 lawyers in the country on charges connected with multiple theft and is now in police custody.

The man, Piotr Cirocki., is a serial thief, with a long list of convictions, mainly for auto-theft. The twenty-six-year-old specializes in importing cars, selling them, then making the cars seemingly disappear – the client neither recuperating what they paid and certainly never seeing the vehicle.

The thief was arrested entering the country on a flight from Liverpool, U.K.

“While checking his identification card, his name quickly came up in the computer system as one to arrest immediately,” claims the Carpathian Regional Border Guard spokesman.

Piotr Cirocki has been arrested several times and convicted a total of twelve times. This most recent charge of fleeing arrest will cost him at least eight years in prison alone.