Thursday, January 01, 2009

US airport security harasses elderly Poles?

More and more Poles complain about the US airport immigration services: even the elderly pare being harassed.

Dziennik reports of one 73-years-old Polish woman, who was delayed from visiting her son and grandson in New York after she was taken from the airport to a cell in handcuffs.

According to the officers, the woman had violated US immigration law – a few years earlier she illegally prolonged her stay in the US.

In November another Polish woman aged 81 was also transported to custody in handcuffs.

Poland’s foreign ministry has already complained to US consul-general to Poland, Philip Mine.

“We respect the right of US law to refuse Polish citizens on their territory. But we decided to point to the humanitarian aspect of the case,” explains foreign ministry’s spokesman Piotr Paszkowski. Paszkowski.

To avoid such cases in the future the US is considering launching an information campaign in Poland on its immigration law.

Only this year the US Citizenship and Immigration Services have sent back home several dozen Poles who landed on the US soil. The number of rejected Poles increased with every month – in November as many as 13 were forced to return to Poland, more than any other month this year.
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