Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ATM thieves steal from PKO BP clients

Up to 320 clients of PKO BP bank have had their bank accounts cleared by criminals who obtained their PINs and forged their credit cards.

In a cash machine in Aleksandrow Kujawski, mid-northern Poland, thieves installed a special reader which helped them collect users' data. Then they produced cards duplicates, which they used to withdraw the cash in Bulgaria last weekend.

According to some initial information, thieves could have stolen anything from a few hundred up to a few thousand zlotys. The criminals may have, however, withdrawn more money than the users had, making a debt on their accounts.

The action was prepared very carefully, as the reader had been installed in October. It was also then when they gathered data from the citizens of Aleksandrow Kujawski.

PKO BP has reassured that it will pay off damages to all those who have fallen victim to the robbers.

The police warn against using a cash machine without checking whether additional, suspicious devices have been installed.