Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exeter rapist to serve time in Poland

Jakub Tomczak, sentenced by a British court to double life imprisonment for rape is returning to Poland to do time.

"According to declarations made by the British side, Tomczak will come back to Poland in about 14 days,” said Grzegorz Zurawski, spokesman for the Polish Ministry of Justice.

Jakub Tomczak was handed over to the British authorities last autumn after a European Arrest Warrant was issued after him on the condition that if sentenced he would be able to serve time Poland.

The British court sentenced Tomczak from Poznan, western Poland - at the time a university student - to double life imprisonment for raping and causing permanent bodily harm to a 48-year-old female inhabitant of Exeter, western England, in July 2006. The jury declared him guilty by 11 to votes to one.

The trial received massive coverage in the Polish media as well as in the local media in Exeter.