Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Renewed riots hit Polish football stadiums

Polish football stadiums became the scene of renewed bloody riots over the past day, media reports said Thursday.

A 12-year-old boy was critically injured Wednesday evening during hooligan clashes in Warsaw as he was hit by a stone thrown by 17-year teenager.

The victim was rushed to a hospital where he underwent a surgery on his head.

Police arrested at least seven hooligans who pelted fans of the opposing team with stones following the match between football clubs Radomiak Radom and Hutnik Warszawa.

A police car was completely destroyed in the hooligan clashes.

Meanwhile, violence broke also out at football game in the eastern Polish town of Bilgoraj as hooligans stormed onto the pitch and demolished the cabin of the reserve players.

Some 41 people were arrested during the football riots.

Poland which is to co-host the 2012 European Cup with Ukraine, is facing massive problem with hooliganism and football corruption.

Polish racist groups have also used football matches to recruit supporters.

Polish football had been rocked by a series of corruption affairs over the past three years.

As part of a major investigative probe some 120 people, among them sports officials, referees, coaches and players had been arrested since 2005 for using bribes to manipulate the outcome of football games