Sunday, June 01, 2008

Palikot smear case continues

Polish MEP Urszula Krupa has issued a notification to the Warsaw Circuit Prosecutor's Office on alleged crimes by MP Janusz Palikot.

The notification was issued in relation with the interview Palikot gave to the Polska daily 17 May. According to Urszula Krupa, Palikot violated three provisions of the Penal Code concerning defamation of a clergyman, spreading false information, as well as propagating anti-Catholic attitudes and conduct.

To support her claim Krupa reminded the prosecutor's office that Janusz Palikot compared controversial Radio Maryja founder Father Tadeusz Rydzyk to Satan, and painted him as a thief and a person of low reputation.

According to Krupa slandering Rydzyk undermines his credibility as head of Radio Maryja and is a crime instigating hate against people of a certain religious affiliation.

Additionally, Krupa stipulated that it was not a one-off offence, as Palikot launches attack on Rydzyk frequently.

Yesterday, Palikot was officially reprimanded by his Civic Platform Party for giving the interview in which he accused Father Tadeusz Rydzyk of political ambitions, of being the 'impersonation of Satan', of 'stealing money' and spreading hate.

In a related story, Janusz Palikot, the controversial member of the ruling Civic Platform (PO), hopes that he will not face suspension by his party after accusing a controversial radio station founder of being the ‘impersonation of Satan’.

"I was, am, and hope to be proud of being a member of the Civic Platform. I would like to remain in the party and avoid being suspended,” Palikot is quoted by the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita.

The controversial deputy hastened to add that he was willing to change the way he worded his thoughts and avoid media coverage for some time if his colleagues deemed it necessary.

Last week head of the Civic Platform parliamentary club, Zbigniew Chlebowski, announced that he would demand the suspension of Palikot for a three month period.

The statement was prompted by Palikot's interview for the Polska daily, in which he accused Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, head of an ulra-conservative radio station Radio Maryja of political ambitions, of being the ‘impersonation of Satan’, of ‘stealing money’ and spreading hate.

The MP is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year Palikot hit the news after he made allegations that President Lech Kaczynski's had an ‘alcohol problem’. On his blog, he wondered whether the president's frequent visits to hospital were related to his 'detox therapies'.

A couple of days after posting these statements on his blog, MP Palikot apologized to the president.