Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Polish doctors vow to stamp out bribery

A conference on system solutions to restrict corruption in the health service has been held in Warsaw.

Health service employees have proposed ways to fight corruption, abundant in their profession by introducing clear rules on medicine refund and health services contracting.

The chairman of the Supreme Medical Council, Konstanty Radziwill stressed that health and life are so important too many, that they will resort to bribes; and there will always be someone willing to take it in a profession where wages are so low.

That is why, according to Radziwill, without the government increasing budget expenditure on the health service there is no way to effectively solve the corruption problem.

Doctor Piotr Kasztelowicz from the district hospital in Chelmza, central Poland, thinks that if patients have to officially pay for services, they will be reluctant to offer extra payments in the form of bribes.