Monday, April 07, 2008

Polish teachers to strike again

The Polish Teachers' Union (ZNP) plans to stage a strike in schools on 27 May.

The strike is to last one day, during which teachers will not attend to their duties.

A vote on the strike is to take place five days before the date, at the latest. If in a given school, less than 50 percent of teachers are for the strike, it will not take place in that facility.

The teachers demand wages increase by 50 percent by 2010. They also want to retain the possibility of early retirement.

The chairman of the ZNP union, Slawomir Boniarz, stressed at the meeting today that teachers are ready to talk with the government. He added that the strike will not obstruct the oral school-leaving exams (matura) and that it is the headmasters' responsibility that the exams proceed without disruption.

The teachers are another group from the public sector who are pushing for higher wages, after doctors, nurses, postmen, judges, miners and customs officers.